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Refugee Shelters: Importance in Survival

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The importance of shelter couldn’t be denied at all. It couldn’t be really in normal circumstances, neither in the disaster situation. In the emergency situations, when people use to migrate from one place to another because of unfavorable conditions, the most necessary non-food item they need is the shelter. It is important because it saves them from a lot of mishaps and stop a lot of bad things from happening.

Along food, the most important thing provided to the refugees is the shelter or tents. So they could remain safe from a lot of issues that could harm them. They are certainly the most important part of the core relief items in emergency situations because of the following reasons.

Safety from Rain:

In case if it’s raining around, these shelters could save you from getting wet. Rain is something which could cause you many medical problems such as cold, flu, fever or cough.

Protection from Sunlight:

The protection from direct and continuous sunlight is also very important for us. Direct sunlight could cause us rashes and sunburns. So, these tents help us remain safe from direct sunlight.

Provides Privacy:

Every individual or a family has its own privacy and that’s something which everyone wants to keep intact. The shelters are also very helpful in providing a compact area and privacy to the refugees.

Security from Harassment:

When the female would remain inside a proper refugee shelter, then it will also secure them from emotional and sexual harassment, which these days is the most common issue around the world.


If it’s an emergency situation or whatever, the proper disposal of the human waste is always very important. If one wouldn’t take care of the proper disposal of waste material and sanitation then it will become a reason of promoting different viruses and diseases. So, that could be stopped by using proper shelters for this reason.


Residing in the open air could invite a lot of insects to harm you. The most common imagined in this regards would be, the mosquitoes. They can carry different viruses and diseases with them. So, they could be a real threat that can spread different diseases and viruses among the people by biting them. The arrangement of proper refugee shelters and camps could save people from the bites of different insects, which could be devastating for them.

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