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Kit Preparation For Disaster Relief Supplies

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This is a fact that emergency situations do not come and knocks at the door prior to their arrival. Every household need a disaster supply kit possessing the basic items that are crucial for them if an emergency situation occur. Individuals must have a kit both for home and office individually to ensure improved self-preparedness against disaster.

During the kit preparation, individuals must ensure that roads and transportation routes might be inaccessible. They must equip every kit with a few pairs of tough but comfortable shoes that can help them during the evacuation on unexpected routes.

Disaster Relief Supplies

After evacuation, once refugees and affected community is collected on a safe area, the disaster relief supplies are distributed. In this regard, the disaster kit must possess food and water worth one week at least, so that it can help you survive well until government bodies and relief suppliers arrive for help.

Kit Assembly:

Kit preparation is for the purpose to avoid the headache of preparation at the time when disaster hit the door. The required items must be assembled in advance. During disaster, there mostly do not have any time either for shopping or collection.

Following are the recommended items for a basic disaster kit.

  • One gallon of water for every household individual per day. The 1 gallon on water will be enough for drinking and sanitation of a single person.
  • Do include food item worth 3 days of non-deteriorating nature for every individual.
  • Battery-powered radio having weather updates capability as well along with extra batteries.
  • Do include a flashlight along with extra batteries.
  • First Aid kit along with a whistle for signal purpose.
  • Include a dust mask or cotton t-shirts for air filtration. Also have enough collection of garbage bags for personal sanitation.
  • Do include wrench or pliers and some other basic tools that are crucial for emergency situations.
  • Do include items like temporary shelter that can help you and your household until disaster relief supplies are arrived.
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