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How To Notice The Impacts Of Natural Disaster On Refugees?

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Exposure, susceptibility, coping, and adaptive capacity of a region are the major factors on which, the effects of a natural disaster are depending. These factors either prevent the whole of a community stay safe against disaster or affected as a whole.

Let’s see what these factors are and what their role in disaster effectiveness is.

Exposure: Exposure is the quantity of region that is bare to disaster.

Susceptibility: The existing strength of a community’s infrastructure, poverty level, and nutritional status is known as susceptibility.

Coping: Coping is the community’s capacity of preparation to prevent the effects of a natural disaster. When the coping ability of a community stays effective, it also reduces the requirements for disaster relief supplies and refugee shelter.

Adaptive Capacity: The structural changes in the community, mainly the residential area that stay effective against reducing the disaster impacts in future.

All of the three factors other than exposure can be controlled against disaster. Exposure highly affects a community which is an exceptional case when talking about disaster preparedness.

Risks Associated To Natural Disaster

Risks Associated To Natural Disaster:

Following are the risks that are associated with the efficiency of a disaster once the already explained factors fail to prevent its effectiveness.

Health Risks:

Aside from the clear and instant danger a community face because of a natural disaster, the related subordinate effects as well are considered to be dangerous. The motionless water after flooding is considered to be the main breeding area for waterborne bacteria and malarial mosquito.

Health Risks

Once a community fails to acquire instant relief from aid organizations, death occurrences might raise in number even after the instant danger of a natural flood disaster.

Food Scarcity:

Loss of agricultural supply and destruction of crops is the main cause of food scarcity. Due to the result of natural disasters like huge storms and flooding, food price is increased that reduce the affordability of families to purchase it.

Children’s development is mostly affected due to the natural disaster’s impacts on hunger.

Food Scarcity

Displaced Population:

Population’s displacement is the immediate effect of a natural disaster. Most of the people seek refuge shelter in different areas or regions due to the wide damage because of an earthquake or other forceful natural disaster. Seeking shelter far away from their homeland expose the community to health and education related problems as well. >

Displaced Population


All of the risks that are followed by powerful natural disaster can easily be avoided once a community prepares well against the effects of disasters. When they have weakness in their preparation, the effects of disaster highly link them those risks.

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