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7 Things You Must Have In Stock!

Life is the most important and precious thing and to save it one would go extra miles. Rightly so, because we just get it once and we must live it to the full potentials. There are however times where things are not in one’s control especially when one is up with challenges like natural or man-made disasters. Natural disasters off course would be in the form of threats like earthquake, floods, extreme weathers etc. while man-made disasters would be in the form of a war that has been imposed on one country by another due to a conflict that they may have between them, terrorism threat i.e. bomb blasts that may have hit an area which may have resulted in forced the local residents to evacuate the area and move to a safer zone.

In such situations the first thing that may come to one’s mind is food items that one must carry with him/her because life for one is going to be more or less like that of a refugee. However, everything is not going to be food as there are other significant things and they are classified as non-food items. They may help one in fight for the survival and may make the difference real. The list for these items is going to be a long one however I will just mention 7 of the core items that may help one in safeguarding the precious life. They are:

  1. Hardware tools kit: these may help one to plan and execute an escape for the affected area.
  2. Toiletries: Apart from the wiping business, toilet papers may be good source of fire, especially in extreme weather conditions.
  3. Medicines: you may keep some painkillers and other basic medicines because you don’t know how long it would be for you to be out there in no man’s land before the major help arrives.
  4. Tarp tent:  A flexible, light weight and portable tent for the sake of shelter would do.
  5. Torch: You will need a battery operated torch, be it a small one but it will prove handy in the dark especially during the night.
  6. A plastic bottle: This may be required for you to be able to store water for drinking and washing purpose.
  7.  Power bank: This has been recently added to the family of non-food items and it is basically a back up charger that operates on rechargeable batteries and may help in charging your mobile phone up to 5 times. Something that may help you when it’s about staying touch with the rest of the world. This may help others in locating your locations and getting to your in a much faster passion.
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